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Our name, Christ Church Cockfosters, perfectly describes us as a church.

It all begins with Christ.  Jesus stepped into this world, he modelled perfect love and yet he died a sinner’s death in our place. We think this is the best news anyone could ever hear. But it gets better. He didn’t stay dead. Jesus defeated death and rose again, so his followers don’t need to fear death. We hope that Jesus’ life sets the pattern for church life; his word the Bible is how we seek to grow in our faith; and his good news is what we are desperate for people to find out about.

Next comes Church. Our church isn’t our building, it’s all of us. We are people of all different ages, nationalities and backgrounds. None of us are perfect people meaning we are a very imperfect church, and we try to be open about our imperfections. However, we are united by one great truth – Jesus died for each one of us.

Finally, there is Cockfosters. This is the community in which God has placed us and our hope is that we can be a great blessing to our local community. We do this, firstly, by telling people about the great news of Jesus and inviting them to come and join us as we learn about him. Everyone is welcome. We also serve our community by modelling Jesus’ sacrificial love. Through our involvement in various social justice ministries we aim to point people to a love that is greater than any love we can show.

We’ve put this little booklet together to help explain more about what it would look like to be part of the church family at Cockfosters

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