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“Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also”

Matthew 6v21

Each year, through the generous giving of the church family, we are able to invest around £500,000 into Christian ministry. As with most churches, the majority of this investment is through our staff team who serve different areas of church life seeking to make and grow disciples of Jesus. As part of the Church of England we also give money to support the central mission of the church, and as part of the global church we give money to support our mission partners around the world.


The Bible reminds us that financial giving is a key part of the Christian life. This isn’t because it makes God view us any differently – we can’t buy our way into heaven. Instead, God uses our giving to remind us that everything comes from him and a Christian’s home is not of this world.


In the Old Testament God’s people, the Israelites, were required to give a tithe of 10% of all their produce. This isn’t a New Testament principle because instead, followers of Jesus are encouraged to freely give from what God has given to them. There are no set percentages, the Bible simply encourages us to be generous, cheerful and planned in our giving.


If you would like to give regularly to support the activities of Christ Church Cockfosters, please contact the Treasurer or complete the forms in the Belonging booklet above and return them to the Church Office.


If you have any questions about any of this then please just ask.

ways you can give:


Cash or cheque payments can be placed in our collections box at the back of the church or at the church office in Christ Church House. Please make cheques payable to Christ Church Cockfosters.


We are working to make online payments possible soon.

Watch this space.


Complete and send this form to the church office to enable us to reclaim 25% tax on your donation.